St. Louis Catholic School

Castroville, TX
St. Louis Catholic School Building

Principal's Welcome 

Welcome to St. Louis Catholic School. We are proud of the tradition of Catholic School education we have been able to provide since the school’s inception in 1868. The close-knit family atmosphere of St. Louis Catholic School offers students a safe, nurturing, disciplined and motivating environment based on Christian values. 

Our Catholic faith is witnessed all day, every day, within our classrooms. Daily morning and afternoon prayer, weekly mass, programs, and community service activities are just a few of the opportunities for students to grow in their faith, and to help build the Body of Christ in our school community. Total faith education of religion, morals, Christian values and service to our community are emphasized. 

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing students with a challenging education, with a focus on high standards and expectations. Academic excellence is our goal, with a focus on meeting the needs of all students, at whatever level they may be. We are pleased to follow our SLCS graduates who continue to excel in high school and post-secondary education. We are proud to have played a role in producing the leaders of tomorrow! 

Due to generous donations and grants over the years, our school technology is exemplary. We have one-to-one tablets and Google Chromebooks for every student, along with interactive whiteboards and high-speed internet.  These are some examples of how we use technology to provide high-quality instruction and enrichment.  Our Media Center (Library and Computer Lab) provides students with keyboarding skills and computer literacy classes. Accelerated Reader, and Follett Destiny Library Resources are used to support and enrich daily instruction.   

Our kindergarten preparation program is one of the best in the area. We use the CAPIT phonics program to develop reading skills by kindergarten. Our ST Math problem solving program supplements our rigorous math program. We use NWEA MAP assessments 3 times a year to provide excellent instruction for the progress of our students. Our students consistently score at the top of all the schools on MAP in our Archdiocese.  

We are blessed to be able to live out our faith each and every day at St. Louis Catholic School. Our prayer is that we may continue to find ways to foster that faith and call to service in our young people for generations to come. 

Dr. Jimmy Gouard

About Us

St. Louis Catholic School currently serves 3K - 5th grade.

Our goal at St. Louis is to prepare young people for the future. Catholic education takes this goal a step further: it prepares children to meet the challenges of life as Christians. St. Louis Catholic School educates children in a Christian environment. The process is “God-Centered." Our school ministers to the whole child; this means there is a deep commitment to educate the whole person, complementing the home in helping each child to develop to his or her full potential spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically

SLCS Curriculum

The curriculum for St. Louis Catholic School is varied and directed at preparing our students as lifelong learners.


607 Madrid
Castroville, TX 78009
United States