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Pathway for International Religious Sisters!

The Mother Cabrini Center provides a pathway for International Religious Sisters to become teachers in Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas. The Center is located on the first floor of Mount Sacred Heart School. Religious Sisters interact daily with students in the school and in the Mother Cabrini Center classroom!

“I would not be as prepared to be a teacher in the US without this program.” -Sr. Manju Vettikkuzhiyil, Servants of the Poor, May 2022

Mother Cabrini Center, San Antonio, Texas, catholic education

About the Mother Cabrini Center

“International Sisters of today followed in the footsteps of generations of sisters who preceded them, leaving their home countries to minister in new lands for the sake of the Gospel.”* The Religious Sisters in the Mother Cabrini Center bring to us their personal gifts and experience, the values of their cultures, and their charisms of their religious communities to enhance the beauty in becoming a teacher in a U.S. Catholic School.


Women Religious Teacher Formation Program

Through the Mother Cabrini Program, Religious Sisters will be given the opportunity, through a three-phase model, to enter into a teacher formation program that will guide them to learn the American student and teach in an American Catholic School.

Within the Teacher Formation Program, the sisters will be guided by the Mother Cabrini Center Director through the details of each phase, including exposure to high-yield strategies, student interactions, guided lesson planning, teaching small/large groups, and so much more!


Mother Cabrini Center, San Antonio, Texas, catholic education, teachers

Three-Phase Model

Phase I: Onboarding

Welcoming International Sisters to the Archdiocese of San Antonio

Participants will be accompanied by the MCC Director and other mentors throughout the the three-phase process The mentors will include a local religious to share the life of the global sisterhood. Participants will be asked to share their story to the Mount Sacred Heart school community, including the richness of culture, and the Catholic faith from their country of origin. Participants will begin a Teacher Formation Program that will offer support in language acquisition, academic knowledge, and teaching competencies. Sisters will begin experiencing a cultural encounter of the American student and gain an understanding of the diverse Church in the U.S. They will begin to see the pastoral vision of the Archdiocese of San Antonio and what it means to be a Catholic School Teacher in the United States.


Phase II: Gradual Release

Learning Experiences in a Catholic School

Participants will apply skills in an internship role within a Catholic School. Participants will continue in the teacher formation program that will offer on-going support in language acquisition and provide professional development, while experiencing a supervised practicum. Sisters may pursue further studies leading to professional certification, if desired. Within Phase II, a gradual support process will provide participants with the most guided support at the beginning of the school year, co-teaching at mid-year and independent teaching by the end of the school year. This progression will provide gradual release so participants will enter Phase III as independent, confident teachers.

Mother Cabrini Center, San Antonio, Texas, catholic education, teachers


Phase III: On Track

Presence of Religious Sisters in Catholic Schools

Phase III participants are on track to be an independent teacher! Participants will be assigned a first-year teacher mentor as support. Religious Sisters will enter into a Ministry Agreement (teacher contract) in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. School and grade/subject level placement will be determined by interest, experience, and qualifications. Phase III first-year teachers will be provided continued guidance through the teacher formation program which will support professional educational practice. The MCC Director will serve as an instructional coach for the sister throughout this phase.

“I have already learned so much and I just arrived in May [2022].” - Sr. Josna Kurjur

St. Joseph of St.-Mark (SJSM), August 2022


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If your diocese or religious community is interested in participating in the Mother Cabrini Center Teacher Formation Program, please reach out to us by phone or email.


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*Migration for Mission (p.4) by Johnson, Gautier, Wittberg, Do