Student Experience

Our Catholic schools go beyond academics – they shape and transform students through faith and build leaders with integrity.

Guided by our faith, students develop skills required for personal growth, family life and public service, empowering them to live full, altruistic and successful lives. Students get a well-rounded and enriching experience at our Catholic schools.

In addition to receiving a values-based education that lasts a lifetime, they also get:

Home Away from Home

We provide students with a safe, nurturing and caring environment they can call home.

An Inclusive Community

We offer an environment in which all are welcome and provide students and families with a strong support system.


Faith formation is integrated into daily academic lessons and students are immersed in Catholic-based, Christ-centric environments that educate the body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Nourishment

Our Catholic schools are missions of love and learning that prepare each student to go out into the world and accomplish the great things God has planned for them.

Student Leadership Formation

Students learn to become concerned and enlightened citizens through acts of community service.

We invest in the entire student, providing them with a rigorous education that fosters creativity, emotional growth, integrity, and leadership.