St. Monica Catholic School

Converse, TX
2 yr, PK3-8
St. Monica Catholic School

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in St. Monica Catholic school, where we offer classes from age 3 through 8th grade. We also offer daycare starting at 2 years old. At our school, students are offered rigorous academic instruction with a primary focus on developing well-formed consciences firmly rooted in Catholic theology. We believe we are building the Catholic church of tomorrow.

Our curriculum is dynamic, offering a rigorous course of study, in preparation for high academic achievement in high school and beyond. Our 8th grade students may take Algebra I and/or Spanish for high school credit. Along with high academic expectations, every student has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in Athletics and in Fine Arts programs. I am very proud to add that all of our core curriculum teachers have gone through the rigidity of SBEC for teacher certification. 

I encourage you to call the school to make an appointment to come see our campus and take a tour. Your child can also be set up for a shadowing day throughout the school year. Please contact us at 210-658-6701.


Karmen Chavez


Mrs. Karmen Chavez


Our mission is to provide all students a challenging academic curriculum within a program where Christian values reflecting God's love are taught, practiced, and ever-present


At St. Monica, our tenured faculty is highly qualified to deliver core subject instruction, along with Catholic catechesis. Our students take the NWEA three times a year to determine academic growth, using a pre-, mid-year, and post-assessment to determine growth in all core subjects. Our students attend multiple field trips for hands-on experiences. The mindset is to teach to a high academic course rigor, rather than to teach to a one-time, end-of-year standardized test. In addition to core subjects, students are offered electives like strings, choir, athletics, art, Spanish. Algebra 1 and Spanish for 8 th grade are offered for high school credit. As previously stated, all students participate in religious studies. Over 80 percent of our students are continuing their studies in Catholic high schools.


At St. Monica, developing every student’s well-formed conscience is based on Catholic doctrine. We can clearly talk about what is right and what is wrong because we can talk about what is good and what is evil. Every day, students attend religious classes that are directly aligned to Catholic catechism, which includes understanding a sacramental life. Every Friday all students, staff, and faculty attend mass. The choir at this mass is comprised of students from St. Monica. Our second-grade class goes through faith formation to receive First Holy Communion. Religious formation in eighth grade is in preparation for the Rite of Confirmation in the Catholic church. It is very common to see our priest taking over the classes during the religion section.  Our students are getting Gospel knowledge firsthand.  


Extracurricular activities include 5th grade strings & MS strings, choir, mariachi, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track, and cross-country. Our student clubs include National Junior Honor Society, Spanish, Safety Patrol, Yearbook, Reading Buddy, and Garden Club. We have talent shows, parades, and family functions. The St. Monica school climate includes family participation in all facets of the campus academic life. We have Fiesta Field Day,  Fiesta Royalty visits, Book fairs, Crafts Shows, Science Fair, Civic Field Trips, First Responders weekly lunch bunches, and many more activities. During Holy Week, our students are even more engaged in preparation for the Easter season.


150 students
Founded in 1960
Average teacher/student ratio: 1/15
Before school care is available for free from 7-7:45 a.m. Continual after-school care and drop-ins are available from 2:45-5:30 p.m. for a small fee.
Computer/tablet to student ratio: 1/1
2 yr, PK3-8

515 North St.
Converse, TX 78109
United States