About Us

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio consists of 37 schools across south central Texas for grades PreK-12.

Higher thought and prayer is the foundation of the Catholic school experience. Families with shared values form vibrant communities within each school, giving students the opportunity to build lifelong friendships and connections. As such, the schools within the Archdiocese of San Antonio provide students with a learning environment that is supportive, inclusive, engaging, and enriching.

We invite you to explore the different schools within our archdiocese and find one that’s a perfect fit for your family.



Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of San Antonio operate under three governance structures: 1) “Private School,” under the governance of a religious community and/or governing board, 2) “Parochial School,” under the canonical authority of the parish pastor or 3) “Archdiocesan School,” under the direct governance of the Archbishop through his designee, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

Canon Law speaks to the governance of the local ordinary (the Archbishop) for all schools:

“The diocesan bishop has the right of vigilance over and visitation of the Catholic schools located in his territory, even those schools which have been established or are being directed by members of religious institutes; he is likewise competent to issue prescriptions dealing with the general regulation of Catholic schools; such proscriptions are also operative for those schools which are directed by religious, with due regard for their autonomy regarding the internal management of their schools” (no. 806). 

This is practically and organizationally carried out through the Catholic Schools Office by the Archbishop’s designee (the Superintendent) and Catholic schools accreditation through the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB).


Catholic education in San Antonio has a rich and lengthy history, characterized by the sacrifices made by countless religious and laity.

Catholic schools in San Antonio can trace their origins here to the 1850s with the help and support of local parishes and many religious communities.

Mission & Vision

In a culture of Encounter and Accompaniment, Catholic Schools educate and invest in the success of the whole child, committed to excellence in academics rooted in Gospel values.


Encountering Christ

We encounter Christ through community, acts of service and faith formation.

Stained Glass

United As Church

We are Disciples of Christ called to the evangelizing ministry of the Church; we partner with parents, support parish life and engage in our local and global communities.

Holy Spirit

Sent By The Spirit

It is our Gospel mission to ensure academic excellence, accessibility and affordability to all those seeking a Catholic education.


How does the TCCB ED accreditation process ensure the highest quality in academic standards and faith formation in Texas’ Catholic schools? Learn about the collaborative process in this video from the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishop Education Department.